Motorcycle enthusiasts may think the Piaggio MP3 looks a little ‘uncool’ but as with most things in life don’t knock it until you have tried it! People may describe it as something that looks like it should be in a Disney movie however it sales say otherwise. In France alone they have sold over 70000 of these bikes.

So Paris was where Piaggio launched the MP3 500 Sport – a strangely powerful and comfortable ride too! The passenger seat is extremely comfortable with great back support. The bike has been designed for city travelers but is comfortable and powerful enough for longer journeys also. Below the seat there is a huge 50 litre storage space…..enough for 2 helmets and more.

The bike handles well on awkward terrains, with the extra front wheel helping alot with road grip, this provides the rider with a lot of confidence, as the front suspension on the 2 wheels work separately from each other, as does the ABS. Therefore, if one wheel hits something the second is unaffected.

The new dashboard has a large digital display with analogue clocks either side. It looks great and is easy to operate. You can connect a smartphone or tablet pc to the bike for music or navigation purposes.

Overall I loved riding this crazy looking machine. It does require a car licence though as it is classed as a trike in most European countries. However, it has smooth power and as I said earlier, feels incredibly safe to ride. Quirky maybe, but safe yes.

Trike and Eiffel Tower

Best Cars for a New Driver

Hey there everyone, how we all doing today? Welcome back to my vehicle and motors blog, I am your host Mario. A friend of mine is looking to a buy a vehicle for his daughter who just turned 16 and got her license, and we have been shopping together through used options on . It seems like there are certain vehicle types that are best for new drivers so we have been sticking to those types, and checking out the different options each vehicle type offers. We have yet to pick a vehicle type so far, let alone an actual vehicle so I thought I would let you guys help.

Compact Cars

A compact car is a very standard car for a teenager. They are cheap, good on gas, and require little maintenance. These cars are usually a blast to drive, in fact these are the cars that I spent most of my teenage years in. Personally I think the Honda Civic is the ultimate hatchback, and you can find so many good deals on used Honda Civics at that I recomened looking at those first if you want a compact car.

 Honda Civic


Subcompact Cars

Another great type of vehicle for a new driver would be the sub compact. These care are usually tiny, making it a lot easier to maneuver on the highway or just through city roads. The Ford Fiesta makes a great subcompact car, and is a lot roomier on the inside They still come in a sedan model as well, which is great for taking all the friend on a coffee run. And they don’t cost to much, as you can find lots of cheap Ford Fiesta deals online

 Ford Fiesta


Midsize Cars

Midsize cars are another vehicle type you will see scattered around a high school parking lot. These cars are extremely easy to do home repairs on. A good example is the Chevy Malibu, which is a great car if you need a little more than the compact and subcompact. While not as good on gas, these cars usually have more horsepower and torque, as well as having some space in trunk. Perfect for a student athlete.


Fullsize Cars

Typically made to hold six passengers and their luggage on a trip, these cars are beasts compared to the others. Sitting in one of these gives you the feeling of sitting in an SUV or a luxury car, other than the fact you can see the driver. I quite like the Ford Taurus, although it is something that I picture middle aged men driving, not teenagers.


 Ford Taurus



So, if you are looking to a buy a car for a teenager I would try to stay in the compact/subcompact range. These cars are on average easier to drive and maintain, and usually good on gas. I hope that this has helped anyone in the same spot I am, and if you liked this then check out my last post about biking to work. See you soon!


Hi guys, I hope you are all good and having a great start to 2017.

Today I wanted to talk about Car shows.  Car shows are one of my favourite family traditions.  Growing up my dad would take me and my siblings out to all the local car shows.  Over the summers it would feel like we were going to a car show every weekend, but we all loved it.  I’m incredibly lucky to be able to share and continue this tradition with my family, and with the first shows of 2017 starting I thought I would tell you all about it.

StuntFest is the first major car show of 2017 in the UK.  It is held at Santa Pod Raceway, in Northamptonshire and is a great day of fun for the whole family.  Unlike most car shows, StuntFest is great for families of all ages, even those who aren’t car lovers like mine.  Some of the great attractions at the event include Podzilla, a mighty 10,000lb monster truck, car jumping, stunt drivers and stunt riders as well as the ‘Reign of Fire’ a GBC Mini Pro Funny Car powered using a Rolls Royce Engine!
Stunt fest

Do you go to any car shows?  Have you ever been to StuntFest, or are you going this year?  This is my 3rd year going, and it looks like it has the best line up yet! What are you most looking forward to?  My kids are most excited about watching the stunts on the motorbikes, but I can’t wait to see the ‘Reign of Fire’ spinning around on the race track.

Why you should bike to work in 2017.

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my vehicles blog.  One of my new year resolutions for 2016 was to taking up cycling.  I was a little bit late starting this in 2016, and in fact only bought myself a cheap second hand bicycle a couple of months ago from the e-commerce shopping website,  I’m loving using my bicycle, and have been cycling everyday to and from work.  After speaking to some friends who have decided to take the leap and try cycling to work I wanted to share my findings with all of you, my beloved blog followers.

You get all the benefits of going to the gym, without paying for a gym membership. The average bicycle commuter loses 13 pounds from cycling over the first year, and the weight loss will continue over every year of cycling.  If you’re overweight then cycling is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, as it’s much better on your joints tan running.

Living in a big city?  You won’t miss sitting around in traffic jams.  Commuting by bicycle can take half the amount of time if you regular spend hours sat in the traffic, and most of the time that won;t be spent sat around waiting to move.

No more plugging your car in for winter.

santander bikes

Don’t own a bike? Don’t worry.  In recent years there’s been many initiatives across many larger cities where you can rent a bike from various bike points across the city.  In London there has been a bicycle sharing system since 2010.   There are 839 stations spread out across the city, with 13,600 bicycles altogether.  Bicycles can be rent

ed for up to 030 minutes without charge, and you can pay to get 24 hours membership for 2 pounds, or a years membership for 90 pounds.

Save money on Home automotive repairs.


You’re less likely to call in sick, and maybe less likely to be sick.  A study in 2012 by a Dutch company TNO found that if 1% of Denmark’s employees started cycling to work then the employers could save $34 million a year in lost productivity.  And in Portland, thanks to the investment into biking and biking culture over the next 30 years the residents could save up to $594 million in health care ans well as fuel savings between $143 and $218 million.  And public transport is no better.  According to the University of Nottingham people using public transport are 6 times more likely to be affected by acute respiratory infections.  And supposedly if you’re only an occasional user of public transport then you’re even more at risk.

It makes the roads safer for everyone.  Unlike cars, when you have more bicycles on the road it becomes safer.  This is because having more cyclists on the road lowers the chance that an individual cyclist will be hit by a motorist.  And the safer the road is perceived to be, the safer the road will become and the more likely people are to cycle.

Don’t like inhaling exhaust fumes? Try cycling! Inhaling fuel emissions is bad for anyone, but contrary to popular belief you are more likely to inhale harmful air when in a car than on a bicycle.  This is because sitting in a car you are nearer to the tailpipe of the car in front of you and thus more likely to inhale harmful gases.  If you’re sitting on a bike then your lungs will be higher than most of the fumes, and you’re more likely going to be on the outskirts of the road where there i’ll be less fuel emissions.

Well hello everyone, I did not expect to see you there. Welcome back to Marlo’s vehicle blog, I am Marlo and I am really excited to have you back. I recently had a chat with my cousin in Canada, and the winter is hitting them hard. Apparently, it went from minus five degrees celsius to minus thirty five overnight, and that left many people stranded at home with their automobiles. Not because of the snow but because of their car batteries. For those of you who have never experienced a winter that gets below minus fifteen, when the temperature starts to make a turn for the worst you have to take some special precautions with your vehicle. Nothing to major other than winter tires, you just have to make sure that it is plugged in every night and get some antifreeze.

If you purchase a vehicle in a northern country, you will find this strange cord under your hood. This cord is connected to your battery, and is what you plug in every night during the cold winter. This may seem like a simple process, but for someone with a medium to long commute in the morning this can be an essential part of your night/day. Winter driving is dangerous enough as it is, but for someone driving in the winter for the first time there are even more things to look out for. On top of having to plug your car in, expect to leave it running for 20 minutes in the morning before driving or else the car will be very, very cold and the engine will not work as efficiently. Remember, safety first on the roads. Have a safe and warm weekend everyone.

driving in the winter

Welcome back everyone, this is Marlo again. I have not been able to post on my vehicle blog as much as I would like to lately as my automotive repair shop is extremely busy but after this young man came in today I had to post. This post is being made as a warning to everyone who does their own repairs- check things again the next day. This young man came in with an old Sebring, saying that their were terrible noises from the back tires. When we pulled it in, we hear the noise and when we took the rear tires off we found out why. The brake pads had been worn so much that the actual pad was no more. He had began to wear into the metal the brake pad, and on one side the pad was just gone. The crazy thing was that he had replaced them himself a couple months before.

I asked him about the first time replacing the brakes, and he told me that he and his friends dad did the repair at home and they replaced both the pads and the rotors. How the one pad was now just gone is completely beyond me, but it was and we had to replace the entire braking system. Cost around $1000, poor kid he said the car barely cost that. I’m sure he learnt a very valuable, yet expensive lesson that day. Make sure to always double and triple check the work you do on a car, if you don’t you may not notice the problem for a long time but when you do it will be a big one. Hope you guys have a good weekend, Marlo out.

brake pad replacment

Hello world, Marlo here with my new vehicle’s blog. What kind of vehicles blog? Well I am glad you asked. I am gonna talk about cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorhomes, sailboats, motorboats, canoes, quads, tractors and anything else I can manage to get my hands on. I moved here from Italy, and currently own my own automotive shop in the heart of London. As I have a fairly good reputation as a mechanic back in Italy, I have been honored to work on some of the finest cars seen in London.  Anyways, I am here to bring you an experienced insight into the world of vehicles. I can explain repair processes, tell you the difference between models of cars, the best vehicles for certain tasks and anything else you can think of I am sure.

If you have any questions for me, please use the comments at the bottom and I will respond as quick as I can. I am still a working man, and I usually cannot respond during working hours but I can always make some time in my day for another vehicle lover. If you would like, I can post certain article or we can just have a chat if you need help to work something out. Take it easy everyone, see you next time.