Best Cars for a New Driver

Hey there everyone, how we all doing today? Welcome back to my vehicle and motors blog, I am your host Mario. A friend of mine is looking to a buy a vehicle for his daughter who just turned 16 and got her license, and we have been shopping together through used options on . It seems like there are certain vehicle types that are best for new drivers so we have been sticking to those types, and checking out the different options each vehicle type offers. We have yet to pick a vehicle type so far, let alone an actual vehicle so I thought I would let you guys help.

Compact Cars

A compact car is a very standard car for a teenager. They are cheap, good on gas, and require little maintenance. These cars are usually a blast to drive, in fact these are the cars that I spent most of my teenage years in. Personally I think the Honda Civic is the ultimate hatchback, and you can find so many good deals on used Honda Civics at that I recomened looking at those first if you want a compact car.

 Honda Civic


Subcompact Cars

Another great type of vehicle for a new driver would be the sub compact. These care are usually tiny, making it a lot easier to maneuver on the highway or just through city roads. The Ford Fiesta makes a great subcompact car, and is a lot roomier on the inside They still come in a sedan model as well, which is great for taking all the friend on a coffee run. And they don’t cost to much, as you can find lots of cheap Ford Fiesta deals online

 Ford Fiesta


Midsize Cars

Midsize cars are another vehicle type you will see scattered around a high school parking lot. These cars are extremely easy to do home repairs on. A good example is the Chevy Malibu, which is a great car if you need a little more than the compact and subcompact. While not as good on gas, these cars usually have more horsepower and torque, as well as having some space in trunk. Perfect for a student athlete.


Fullsize Cars

Typically made to hold six passengers and their luggage on a trip, these cars are beasts compared to the others. Sitting in one of these gives you the feeling of sitting in an SUV or a luxury car, other than the fact you can see the driver. I quite like the Ford Taurus, although it is something that I picture middle aged men driving, not teenagers.


 Ford Taurus



So, if you are looking to a buy a car for a teenager I would try to stay in the compact/subcompact range. These cars are on average easier to drive and maintain, and usually good on gas. I hope that this has helped anyone in the same spot I am, and if you liked this then check out my last post about biking to work. See you soon!