Welcome back everyone, this is Marlo again. I have not been able to post on my vehicle blog as much as I would like to lately as my automotive repair shop is extremely busy but after this young man came in today I had to post. This post is being made as a warning to everyone who does their own repairs- check things again the next day. This young man came in with an old Sebring, saying that their were terrible noises from the back tires. When we pulled it in, we hear the noise and when we took the rear tires off we found out why. The brake pads had been worn so much that the actual pad was no more. He had began to wear into the metal the brake pad, and on one side the pad was just gone. The crazy thing was that he had replaced them himself a couple months before.

I asked him about the first time replacing the brakes, and he told me that he and his friends dad did the repair at home and they replaced both the pads and the rotors. How the one pad was now just gone is completely beyond me, but it was and we had to replace the entire braking system. Cost around $1000, poor kid he said the car barely cost that. I’m sure he learnt a very valuable, yet expensive lesson that day. Make sure to always double and triple check the work you do on a car, if you don’t you may not notice the problem for a long time but when you do it will be a big one. Hope you guys have a good weekend, Marlo out.

brake pad replacment