Motorcycle enthusiasts may think the Piaggio MP3 looks a little ‘uncool’ but as with most things in life don’t knock it until you have tried it! People may describe it as something that looks like it should be in a Disney movie however it sales say otherwise. In France alone they have sold over 70000 of these bikes.

So Paris was where Piaggio launched the MP3 500 Sport – a strangely powerful and comfortable ride too! The passenger seat is extremely comfortable with great back support. The bike has been designed for city travelers but is comfortable and powerful enough for longer journeys also. Below the seat there is a huge 50 litre storage space…..enough for 2 helmets and more.

The bike handles well on awkward terrains, with the extra front wheel helping alot with road grip, this provides the rider with a lot of confidence, as the front suspension on the 2 wheels work separately from each other, as does the ABS. Therefore, if one wheel hits something the second is unaffected.

The new dashboard has a large digital display with analogue clocks either side. It looks great and is easy to operate. You can connect a smartphone or tablet pc to the bike for music or navigation purposes.

Overall I loved riding this crazy looking machine. It does require a car licence though as it is classed as a trike in most European countries. However, it has smooth power and as I said earlier, feels incredibly safe to ride. Quirky maybe, but safe yes.

Trike and Eiffel Tower