Well hello everyone, I did not expect to see you there. Welcome back to Marlo’s vehicle blog, I am Marlo and I am really excited to have you back. I recently had a chat with my cousin in Canada, and the winter is hitting them hard. Apparently, it went from minus five degrees celsius to minus thirty five overnight, and that left many people stranded at home with their automobiles. Not because of the snow but because of their car batteries. For those of you who have never experienced a winter that gets below minus fifteen, when the temperature starts to make a turn for the worst you have to take some special precautions with your vehicle. Nothing to major other than winter tires, you just have to make sure that it is plugged in every night and get some antifreeze.

If you purchase a vehicle in a northern country, you will find this strange cord under your hood. This cord is connected to your battery, and is what you plug in every night during the cold winter. This may seem like a simple process, but for someone with a medium to long commute in the morning this can be an essential part of your night/day. Winter driving is dangerous enough as it is, but for someone driving in the winter for the first time there are even more things to look out for. On top of having to plug your car in, expect to leave it running for 20 minutes in the morning before driving or else the car will be very, very cold and the engine will not work as efficiently. Remember, safety first on the roads. Have a safe and warm weekend everyone.

driving in the winter